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The first part of the Olive Grove Site to be built by Tanyel Construction is just 250 metres south of the partially completed Oak Houses and is in an area that is covered with plants and greenery. Site planAll of the homes have a marvelous view of the Sea and the Mountains.

The development is just off the main road from Famagusta to the Karpaz on the way to Sipahi village.
It is a mere 1km away from Sipahi village, Malibu Beach and the Yeni Erenkoy Municipal Beach. It is also 1.5km away from the new Marina that is being built and 0.5km away from Yeni Erenkoy village.

Please click on the site plan image for a better picture and to see availability. Alternatively, you may click here to see a table indicating the availability of the houses.

Construction Period & Payment Terms

These new homes are now complete and waiting for their new owners.

Customers are required to make a down payment of £5,000 - £10,000 upon signing a contract. The remaining balance will need to be paid over a 30-month period which can be split into 30 equal instalments. The payment schedule can be extended to 42 months, where the market interest rates will be applied after 30 months.

Please click on a type below to see the specifications of the homes (included in the price). There is also a list of extra items, for each type of home, that the customer may request at extra cost.

Site Details

The site consists of 25 properties of which there are 2 different types. Click on the pictures below for more details on each type of house.

P Type HousesType P
S Type HousesType S