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Oak Houses - 1 Bedroom Semi-Detached House

S Type House
  • S Type House
  • S Type House Ground Floor Plan
  • S Type House First Floor Plan

Specifications (included in the price)

Extra Items (at extra cost)

The following extra items can also be added to your dream home at the extra cost shown by each one.

• Shower cubical. Price depends on size and model
• Chimney with open fireplace. £1,300
• Enlarged rear terrace with ceramic tiles. £92/m2
• Enlarged front terrace with ceramic tiles. £92/m2
• Wooden terrace rails. £54/m
• Concrete driveway to the side of the property. £27/m2
• Concrete and slab driveway to the side of the property (tile). £49/m2
• Extra 1 tonne water tank for outside use - plastic. £235
• Extra 1 tonne water tank for outside use - galvanised. £144

Important Note

The selling prices do not include the stamp duty fees associated with the electricity transformer, distillation share, electricity connection, water connection, registration and the VAT at registration and also any extra items required by the customer.
As an example, the following prices were paid for some other sites; stamp duty is 0.5%, electricity transformer fee £1,185, electricity connection £120, water connection £120, registration fee is 6% of the value determined by the land office and VAT is 5% of the selling price. However, everybody has a once in a lifetime exemption right to pay 3% VAT.