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Tuzla Sunshine Houses

Tanyel Construction & Estate Ltd. is proud to announce the start of its Tuzla Sunshine Houses project. The site consists of 31 detached villas and bungalows in seven different plans and has several common leisure areas induding voleyball/basketball fields, jogging and walking paths, an open fitness area, Cafe and patisserie.

Please click on the image below for more details on the site.

Sunshine Tuzla Houses

Houses/Bungalows for sale in the KarpazScenic Picture

Tanyel Construction is currently in the development of it's 10th site of homes in the Karpaz region.

Sites 1 through to 8 have all sold out and we only have houses or bungalows available from the Oak Houses (Site 9) and Tanyel's newest Site 10 - The lovely Olive Grove Houses.

Please click on the links below for more details on each site.

Oak Houses

Olive Grove