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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Anyone buy property in North Cyprus?Beach

If you are not a resident of North Cyprus, you can sign a power of attorney (Tanyel Construction can advise and direct you to a lawyer) and your permission procedures can be followed on. The Board of the Ministry of the Interior gives the non-Cypriot people permission of purchase of an estate. A non-Cypriot can buy only one property in North Cyprus, specifically, either one house or one donum of land. Normally, there is not a problem if the purchaser does not have a criminal record. Click here for more information on buying a property in North Cyprus.

What does the quoted price include?

It includes the price for the infrastructure of the area and the house, the land and the building. It does not cover the electricity transformer share, electricity connection fee, registration fees and VAT at the registration process.

Can we ask for additions or changes?

donkeysYes to a possible extent! A list of items generally required by the customer is listed below each property on this website and these can be added (or changed) if stated when the contract is signed. This would incur extra charges depending on the changes requested. An extra item form can be downloaded from here.

Who will look after the house when we are away?

Tanyel Construction Ltd. has an office at the Karpaz Houses Site and the staff are ready to help in any emergency or problem. However, for regular maintenance, we can advise you of some local people who we have done business with before. As an example, gardeners can be hired by the individuals to look after their gardens for around €50 per month.

How many properties have been built and sold in the Karpaz Houses projects?

Location Total Properties Total Completed Cypriot non-Cypriot
Location 1 (sites 1-7) 147 147 44 103
Location 2 (Site 9) 80 58 55 3
Location 3 (Olive Grove) 25 0 (under construction)    
Traditional Cyprus Bungalows 11 11 1 10